Sunday, 9 September 2012

English Class So Far.

The sudden nerves as the last day of the summer holidays approached,  a feeling of excitement and nervousness bubbled inside my already full stomach. How would Grade 8 English be like? Would there be too much work? Would my class be rubbish and my teacher an unfair stinking moron? All of these thoughts drifted in my head, one after another like knives each piercing the nerves in my body. However this class has turned out to be awesome, and also the teacher awesome( don't think I'm sucking up cause you know it's true ) .

So far in class, I've definitely learnt that in english there is more than just one angle(writing) at which you can look at it. For example, using photos, making movies is something that you wouldn't associate with an english class. Of course writing is very important and learning how to write effectively and efficiently is a skill that you have to know. But it is refreshing knowing that there are other and more interesting angles that you can use to learn english.

I definitely like the fact that our class are very happy. There hasn't really been an argument, and that's a very good thing in my opinion cause if we all get along, then we are all enjoying school and that's what we want really.

Learning English this year has been fun and I haven't found any major issues that I can talk about, but I definitely think that, although photography, and blogging is fun, that we should work on our writing skills, a bit more as our exams are coming up, it's  very important to write well.

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  1. Fear not young grasshopper, "we should work on our writing skills" coming up soon.