Monday, 17 September 2012


Food, glorious food.


A few questions for all of you who are going to read this relatively short posts.

Popcorn vs Chicken vs Chocolate.

You can only choose one.

Oh and the chicken is any type of chicken you like as is the chocolate.

GO GO GO. And for those who can give me the best reason as to why they like that particular type of food then they get a cookie or something. Idk. I'll decide when you've all commented or if you decide to comment.


  1. Chocolate because it is AMAZING. You know it is.

  2. Dude really? Chocolate hands down. No questions asked. Well because chicken is a dead bird, popcorn is meh and chocolate melts in your mouth.

    1. I dont think so Mr.R but i will find the chicken better though it's a "dead bird".I mean chicken it's not just a dead bird its just another paradise like chocolate.Well for health restrictions,chocolate can give diabetes and high sugar level whereas chicken can give no problem.Maybe you should break the law of vegetarianism and hog some meat whether it be steak,chicken,fish or even other seafood.I mean no offense to you.

    2. Glen has a Valid point, but also to you Glen I ask, how would u feel if another animal ate ur dead mother. Horrified right? But we do it everyday in a way, I mean we have all accepted that we do it, but the whole idea of being vegetarian in a way is quite a good thing to do, and if Mr R is following that then why should he break his law?

    3. Dude I was just joking about the fact of chicken.and the dead mother thing is really out of this world question

    4. Vegetarianism rules. I'm proud to be vegetarian and not eat "dead birds".

  3. CHICKEN!!! Its by far the best thing ever, cuz its chicken