Thursday, 27 September 2012

Science Reflection

Science Reflection.

Three things that I will never forget about this topic, is how to draw a Boron diagram, the structure of an atom, and the octet rule. We have talked about these a lot so it's really easy to remember now :)

My favourite thing that we did in this unit was learn how to balance chemical equations because it was something that I always found difficult at first but once I mastered the step I felt like a real Smarty Pants :) :p

Three things I learned in this unit are the difference between protons, neutrons and electrons and where they are in an atom, some more about the atom structure, for example the different type of energy shells and also how to draw a boron diagram.

I think we covered a lot in this topic, so i'm not curious about much really.

Thanks for a great start to science Mr Haugen, I really enjoyed learning more chemistry :D

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