Thursday, 11 October 2012


Being abnormal. Good, Bad, or is being abnormal not normal, or can being abnormal be normal. See what I did there. Now as you wrap your heads around the thought, I think,  who do I know from fiction who is abnormal, and relates to me. Well at this moment my friends, I am well and truly stuck. No idea. So I decided to peep into the book,  Perks of Being a Wallflower ( I am really enjoying it btw, will do a full review when I finish it later) but there was no one there who struck me as being the same as me. I guess I'm not at the age when I have to make huge decisions, like smoking, university, how to act at parties etc. So who can it be? Who is the one who is abnormal but has the same qualities as me. Then I thought of my favorite series of all time, Harry Potter. Everyone there is abnormal in a way. And then I got it! Hagrid.

Hagrid is one of those people who is a Giant ( see what I did there ;) ) of being abnormal. He has big bones, a huge beard, a thick and strong mindset and one of those guys who looks imposing. I don't necessarily think I look imposing but I definitely look big. But then when you get to know the guy, hes a caring loving guy. And I wont be modest about it, but I honestly think i'm a happy caring guy as well.

I found this exercise hard, so if I have said to little as to why please understand this was a difficult post for me to write.

Leave constructive comments on how I can improve please.

Bye :D :D

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