Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Why I admire Emma Watson( explained)

Emma Watson. She is the most perfect being that I have ever come across. I might as well call her venus, she is the goddess of beauty.Or I might as well just call her Emma Watson, a new goddess for her contribution to acting. Here I will tell you friends, why I admire Emma Watson so much.

At the relatively young age, being born in france but then moving to England, her parents divorced. Parents divorcing is never ever a good thing, and it must of had a huge impact on her childhood, yet at the relatively small age of 9 she took 8 auditions to star in Harry Potter, and got the role. What happened from there is history, she became a star, and mesmorised each and every one of us with her amazing ability of sustaining a character that has a large and important personality in the whole franchise. Being able to maintain that character for so long and so well is never a hard thing. Especially since she started so young, and since Harry Potter is such a large production it must of been extremely difficult for her to remain composed, and take on the role with such calmness . But she did.

Emma Watson’s beauty is undeniable. Looking through pictures I’ve always marvelled at her  beauty. There is something about her that I just can’t explain, maybe the perfectness of her cheekbones or her eyes, or her smile, or her perfect body. All combine into one perfect being who I am generally obsessed with to be honest.

So that may answer why I admire Emma Watson so much. Being an aspiring actor myself, she is a perfect example that wherever you are, whatever your background, whatever your age you can succeed at the highest level. So thats why I love Emma Watson.

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