Thursday, 1 November 2012

Browsing along doing my thanggg.

I was browsing around the internet, and I realised how wonderful a place it actually is. I found an amazingly funny cartoon video, with a recurring theme that I am now addicted too.

This is a really short post, but I just want to get this message across, that if you explore the internet more than your usual confines, of facebook, tumblr, youtube and more, you can find some amazing stuff.

Let's get a bit of a competition going, who can find the most interesting thing possible, that they would never of found before but after reading this post looked for it, and show it to me in the comments below and whoever post the best thing, gets the achievement of making me interested/amused by something on the internet. This is mainly due to the fact I'm trying to explore the internet and anything that you can possibly give me that I may find amazing/amusing is really welcome.

Thank you



  1. Not sure if it is cool, but I just saw these horrific picture from the Syrian civil war:

    Made me realize how lucky I am, that my family does not live in a war zone. I also felt ashamed about how little I know about the conflict.

    I agree that the Internet is pretty amazing. It is a reflection of our humanity after all, so how can it not be amazing.

  2. I saw a great article this morning about a whale species no one had seen in 150 years washing up on a beach in New Zealand.

    We continue to think we know way more than we actually do about our environment. It's exciting when a curveball comes along every once in a while.

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