Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Chelsea Sacks RDM! Chelsea and their manager history.


Wow. Big news. So what are my thoughts on this. Well I personally think it is an amazing decision for me( a manchester united supporter) but a terrible, awful, impatient decision by the notoriously bad owner (who has a lot of money) Roman Abrahomavic. The manager has an impatient history, sacking anyone who makes a silly judgement. Anyone knows that you come to Chelsea for money, not managerial stability. This is how long some managers have lasted...

• Claudio Ranieri: Sep 2000 to May 2004
• Jose Mourinho: Jun 2004 to Sep 2007
• Avram Grant: Sep 2007 to May 2008
• Luiz Felipe Scolari: Jul 2008 to Feb 2009
• Guus Hiddink: Feb 2009 to May 2009
• Carlo Ancelotti: Jun 2009 to May 2011
• Andre Villas-Boas: Jun 2011 to Mar 2012
• Roberto Di Matteo: Mar 2012 to Nov 2012

Oh dear right? None of these managers have lasted very long apart from Claudio Ranieri and Jose Mourinho. So this blog post was initially going to update you on the RDM being sacked but now I think i'm going to make this into a bit of a " chelsea manager history" type of thing.

First let me talk about Jose Mourinho. Some argue he is the second best after Sir Alex Ferguson. He himself names himself " the special one". Personally he is an amazing manager and I hope he precedes Sir Alex Ferguson at United. But what went wrong at chelsea for Jose, he wasn't sacked, he left himself? Why? Well I have two words for you. Roman Abrahomivic. Oh dear, and this one was pretty shocking in my opinion. Jose Mourinho was doing excellent at chelsea. Roman had just taken over and with vast amounts of money Jose invested into the squad and made some excellent signings for the club. Here are the best in my opinion.

Didier Drogba(24 million)
Michael Essien(24.4 million)

These two are club legends. Michael Essien has gone on loan to Real Madrid at the current moment( ironically the spanish giants are managed by Jose Mourinho) and Didier Drogba was a phenomen, and left last season to China, for a ridiculous amount of money for a 33 year old. 15.2 million dollars. Wow. And a crazy contract, one that I cannot seem to find meaning it may be undisclosed.

Anyway Jose led the team to immense success. winning the Premier League after 50 years. They once again one the Premier League, and even one the FA Community Shield. Chelsea were on an all time high, winning and winning again. And then what happened. Abrahomovic.

 A Ukranian talisman, old but gold at AC Milan, signed for a team that had it all, but he failed to make an impact at all.

Short bit of poetry, hope you enjoyed it ;)
So Andriy Shevchenko signs for the club, with Jose Mourinho stating he is everything. This is lies. Later it was apparently proved that Jose was forced to say that to keep his new man happy. So for 30 million euros, had Chelsea found an amazing talisman, better than drogba that help them mantain success? No. Shevchenko flopped terribly at Chelsea, but Abrahomovic insisted in carry on playing him, this led to a huge argument that ended with Jose leaving Chelsea. Oh no Abrahomovic, you got that one wrong :O

The second manager I want to talk about is Carlo Ancelotti. I'll keep this one simple. Impatience. Bad form, and the ruthless owner sacks an excellent manager, who won the double last year. Bad move.

And finally RDM. Appointed at May after AVB was sacked after a terrible time at the club. RDM comes in wins the UCL and the BPL, signs amazing players like eden hazard, has one bad run of form and is sacked.

So Abrahomovic may give Chelsea money, but he is such a ruthless owner that he may plot Chelsea's own downfall.

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