Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Turning Thirty

What is one thing I have learnt about myself after reading today?

I have learnt not how to read a book, but what positions suit me. I started off sitting down in my desk, reading the book with my back against my chair but this position did not suit me at all, I found myself boring into the book, and adjusting my position on the chair at all times, and I wasn't able to get a flow that is able to come with reading that you should normally get. Therefore I lay down in my bed, in an extremely comfortable position and read, and found that I was able to get this flow going, and enjoyed the book much much more.

Find a passage that was especially well written and describe what I found interesting about the writer's cast?

When everyone I knew ( myself included) was doing everything in their power to hang on to the vestiges of their former student lifestyles it felt like Gershwin, venturing into the world of marriages, mortgages, careers and - a year later - kids, was a pioneer - boldly going where none of my peer group had gone before. Even with this turning- thirty thing he was going to get there before me although our birthdays were only separated by a few weeks.

I found this extract to be well written, interesting and powerful. This simple passage described to me, that where all of the friends from the school wanted to go to university and go to parties, and enjoy their life and try and remain young, the character's best friend Gershwin had already settled in, had a job that earned a lot of money, and had a wife and kids. The quote about turning thirty said, that Gershwin had settled into his life before Matt (main character) had, and was going to do everything that came with turning thirty, before Matt would.

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