Friday, 16 November 2012

Why do we feel the need to test love?

Why do we feel the need to test love?

Why do we feel the need to test love? What is the reason? These are all questions that gently tease our mind, making us stop and think. Confirmation of true love is important for some people. They see the need to really test fate. Does religion have a say? Probably yes. You see for many people love is just a word that can describe an obsession, an attraction, a sexual interest. What love is for me, is deep deep affection, such deep affection that you can never let someone go, no matter how hard, and fate will decide whether that love is true or not. Just my opinion. Everyone has their different opinion of what love is, and for people who passionately believe in this idea of true love, they need as much confirmation as they get, which is why they test this love.
For them, if love is true, then all the factors should point to it being true love.

I personally do not believe in this idea of testing love, I believe, that if the couple believes that they are in love with each other then that should be it, but for others they have the need to make absolutely sure that it is actually love, and not just a word that describes, a sexual interest or an obsession. That is why I feel, some people feel the need to test love.

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