Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the What- thought and opinions

I am currently catching up in What is the What.
So far in What is the What, I have found myself to be disturbed at parts. I am normally able to handle mature and shocking themes, such as rape, and drugs, but in What is the What, at times I have really found the need to stop, due to the fact I am so disgusted by what David has described, and the fact that this is a possibly "true story", really disturbs me.
What is the What has it's moments of gripping magic, perfect one liners, engaging plot, but I find it dithers a lot, and bores me, especially when it goes back to the american line, I find it way to detailed.
All in all What is the What has been a good read for me, but I need to catch up, and I think that I just have to learn how to not lose focus when the boring repetitive parts are happening.

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