Monday, 18 March 2013

Last minutes.

When did I start cutting onions in my room?
My eyes are sweating.
Ok no I'm bawling.

So I was just casually scrolling through my facebook newsfeed, when I came across this video, and I watched it and it just, I can't explain.

Just remember that we find love in everything, not only humans, but every single living thing, and every single object, and sometimes we can't even place the importance and imprints that they have on our lives until after they are gone.

I suggest you gather a box of tissues, an uncut onion and a chopping board and a knife, just in case someone walks in on you crying, so you can just blame it on the onions.

Comment your thoughts, and any personal experiences( if you want to share them of course) that you have had like this.

Enjoy the video.

1 comment:

  1. Well made short film. Emotional. Well shot. Goo story. Thanks for sharing. See if you can figure out how to embed the video directly into your blog.